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We are Wizo. Welcome to your DTC growth partner in UGC & Omnichannel marketing. 👋

Tired of losing money on ads?

Look, Facebook Ads alone won't solve all of your problems. You need new ad channels and a solid creative strategy.

The Wizo Pledge

You either profit within 3 months, or we’ll work for free until you do.

Our Proven Process

The solution to your IOS problems? The WizoDFY solution.

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We're back in the wild west.

Tired of working with a so-called "Facebook Ad Agency" or should I say... a "one-trick pony"?

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

- Paid ads aren't cutting it since IOS 14
- You want to 2x your revenue this year
- You get spammed by agencies promising you the same *shit*

In short, this only means we both need to get creative.

Growth happens when you look at your entire business, not just a single ad channel. And, you're already spending a pretty penny on ads, so having to explain it all to your agency isn't something you have time for...

But, what if there's a way to...

- "Bulletproof" your brand with omnichannel marketing
- Leverage high-converting ad creatives to combat disappearing targeting capabilities
- Beat rising ad costs by leveraging new marketing channels like TikTok

There is.

Wizo Media is the answer - Join the change.

Unlike most ad agencies, we're focused on your business' growth as a whole. We've got cutting-edge knowledge and are the firsts to know of new techniques and technologies being leveraged around the marketing industry. We'll personally help you grow your brand through paid advertising and advanced email/SMS guidance.

Here's how it works...

Automated UGC Production

Get paired with vetted content creators with which we'll produce dozens of original assets monthly.

On Demand Creative Editing

With an average of 3 variations per raw asset, you will NEVER run out of creatives!

Whitelisting & Repurposing

Benefit from whitelisting licences to
run Spark Ads and get the most out
of your content through our
repurposing methods.

24/7 Reporting Dashboard

You have access to your own custom reporting platform, available 24/7.

Full Ad Account Management

We take care of the entire management of the ad account from finding a winning formula to helping you scale past your goal post. 

Slack & Zoom

2 long-form reporting updates/week and 1 reporting zoom call/week? We call that 'the bare minimum'.

Packed with cutting-edge features

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Real-time trading

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Advanced charts

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Enterprise grade security

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ETFs and stocks

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Currencies & commodities

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Book your call and elevate your brand today.

Our Philosophy

“As an entrepreneur myself, I realize that I often don’t have enough time to do everything I ought to accomplish in a day. This is why at Wizo Media, we value your time and your expertise. Our onboarding process only takes 90 minutes to complete and gives the both of us access to everything we need to bring your business to the next level.”

Justin, founder of Wizo Media



No more waiting for weeks, and the initial back-and-forth. Get started in less than 90 minutes.


Strategy Session

Our project will kickoff with a strategy session where we'll establish a complete project outline, together.


Start earning money

Within a week, your new ad campaigns will be live, and results will be flowing in.

What our clients say

Businesses across the globe benefit from our services to scale their revenue every month. Join them now and discover what Wizo Media can do for you and your Business.

“Great at finding the best solutions.

Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you Justin. You are always listening to your client’s needs and you are great at finding the best solutions.

Gianluca Amato
Online Marketing Consultant

“We 6x our advertising investment

We've now invested around $10,000 into ads which has yielded close to $60,000 in revenue for our business. These are really great results, we're happy to see this growth.

Viviane Royer
Co-owner at V Creation

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Frequently Asked Question

What are your prices?

This is what we have our call for! It'll totally depend on what type of service we end up suggesting you after discussing with the team. We work entirely performance-based.

What platforms do you work with?

We help our clients achieve omnipresence through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Pinterest Ads, and more. We're also certified Klaviyo Partners.

How will you be different than our current agency?

Well, if you're reading this, there must be a reason. We won't promise you the world unlike other agencies, but we'll guarantee you results, period. Book your quick demo to see if we're a fit!

I should simply hire someone in-house instead...

We've partnered with brands that had an entire marketing department. The more brains, the better. We make the most out of your team, and resources to combine them with our processes to truly help you reach your next target.

Do you offer free trials?

As you can see by our many case studies and client interviews, our results speak for themselves. Though, we're entirely performance-based, so no results = no fees to pay.

Where are your case studies?

We invite you to watch our case study video or visit our YouTube channel to watch some of our client interviews & testimonials.

Book your call and elevate your brand today.