Creating thriving brands, by simplifying ecommerce growth.

Get the support from an agency without the hefty fees through live calls, courses, SOPs, and a 24/7 community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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who is this for?

For now almost 3 years, our team has helped 7-8 figure ecommerce brands generate millions in sales.

Our agency Wizo Media always had the mission to elevate thriving brands. PeakAd aims to create thriving brands.

It is perfect for ecommerce brand owners making less than $500k/year and advertisers in the DTC space wanting the help and mentorship of an agency without the big monthly retainers.

For brands, we will show you the ropes of paid advertising, performance creatives, offer creation, CRO, brand building, influencer and creator management, and more.

For marketers/agencies, we will help you improve your service delivery and client results through some of the above-mentioned points.

What DO Our MEMBERS Say ?

What Do Our

Clients Say ?

Thriving brands across the globe benefit from our services to scale their revenue every month. Join them now and discover what Wizo Media can do for you and your business.

“Justin and the team at Wizo have been a pleasure to work with over the last year. Results wise they have doubled our ROAS YoY whilst maintaining the same ad spend. They've also helped us begin our paid media journey on Pinterest with great success. Definitely recommend this platform for any creative/fashion brands! Their communication is second to none with weekly updates & bi weekly catch up calls and they are always forthcoming with suggestions an areas of improvement. If you’re a small business looking to achieve quick growth, I highly recommend Justin and the team at Wizo Media.” 

Ben Hession

Owner, The Hippie Shake
From $40k/m to over $100k/m with paid ads.

“I love the team's accessibility, their dedication and Justin's vision and approach. You guys are quick at replying back to us, your follow ups and reporting systems are on point, and I love how you're a young thriving team." 

viviane royer

Founder, V Creation
“I want to shoutout Justin, thank him, and let him know he helped me a lot. We hopped on a call, he knows what he's talking about, and definitely helped me solve the last two missing puzzle pieces I had in my agency. I would highly recommend him to anyone else!  " 

Cordell Sharif

Founder, AttentionWorks
“Justin really helped me improve my business, and even build it from the ground up. I was very impressed by the success he was providing for his clients, and I wanted to try it out for myself. He helped me optimize my ads, improve my creatives, fix IOS tracking problems, and a lot more. I was able to learn from his mistakes and experience, it was very insightful and allowed me to improve my business. My main takeaway from working with him was around the mindset. I was getting lost, and not putting my energy in the right places in my business. Having someone that can understand what you're going through, has been there, done that, was truly beneficial for me." 

Nicolas belanger

Founder, Magnic Media

What do you get?

Get Access To Our Team Of Experts.


Every week, Justin will have a 1-hour open-ended Q&A session to give you personalized hands-on support.

Additionally, there will be a specialized weekly Q&A Session specific to "Ads & Creatives" held by Wizo's team of media buyers and creative specialists to enable you to have your strategies, ads, copy, landing pages, and more, reviewed by our team.

You will receive on-demand hands-on implementation help from our team. 

Join Other Like Minded Entrepreneurs.


In our various communication channels, you will find specialized Wizo team members that can help answer your paid advertising, e-commerce and creative questions.

You also can network and connect with other brand owners and entrepreneurs to share your wins, losses, ask questions, and simply "shoot the shit!".

Learn From Our World-Class Team.


The Wizo team is working hard right now on launching a full comprehensive e-commerce marketing course covering everything from extensive ad platform strategies to copywriting or seasonal tactics.

On top of the course curriculum, we will also be releasing ongoing video trainings about trending topics so you can be the first to benefit from these findings.

Take The First Step, join the community.

Are you ready to work with the magicians of the ecommerce space? 🧙
No Savings
  • $400 billed monthly.
  • Weekly Calls with Justin, normally upwards of $500/hr.
  • Weekly Calls with the Wizo Team behind all of our success stories.
  • Have access to the industry experts in your pocket.
  • $3000+ worth of value for $400
Save 10%
  • $1080 billed every 3 months.
  • Weekly Calls with Justin, normally upwards of $500/hr.
  • Weekly Calls with the Wizo Team behind all of our success stories.
  • Have access to the industry experts in your pocket.
  • $3000+ worth of value for $360
  • Most Popular
Save 15%
  • $2040 billed every 7 months.
  • Weekly Calls with Justin, normally upwards of $500/hr.
  • Weekly Calls with the Wizo Team behind all of our success stories.
  • Have access to the industry experts in your pocket.
  • $3000+ worth of value for $340
  • Best Value

MOST Frequently Asked QuestionS 

MOST Frequently

Asked QuestionS 

Are the weekly calls one-on-one?

You will have a 1-1 onboarding walkthrough session with our team. The many hosted weekly calls we have for the PeakAd community are on a 1-to-many basis. They are group calls where every member can join to ask questions and get support. Rest assured, based on demand, we will limit talk time so that everyone gets their questions answered. Additionally, you can ask questions in the community at any given time to receive an answer from our team and/or other community members.

How do I make sure I get the help I need?

To get the most out of PeakAd consulting, we recommend that you come prepared with a list of questions on every call. This will help us be time efficient and ultimately help you get the help you came for!

What if I can’t attend a call?

No worries, every call recording and text transcript is uploaded to the community for you to re-watch in case you missed a call!

Are your call times international-friendly?

Although our team operates on the EST timezone, our calls will usually be happening between the end of EST a.m or early afternoon to allow most international members to attend our calls.

Does this work if I don’t yet have an ecommerce brand?

PeakAd is the best fit for entrepreneurs with a concept, idea, and plan. It’s best for brand owners that have as little as a concept, branding, and basic website in place, with no or minimal sales, or existing brand owners making less than $500,000/year.

Do I have to be in the US market for this to work?

Not necessarily. We have experience scaling and building brands in the US, Canada, UK, France, Israel, and many other countries around the world. Our techniques and strategies are independent of your market.

How much time will this require of me?

Generally speaking, assuming you are showing up to both 1-hour weekly calls, are slowly watching the course content, and are religiously implementing all the feedback we’ve given you, you can expect PeakAd to take you 6-8 hours per week on average.
Although, we strongly encourage you to spend as much time on your business as you can afford to. We have members lurking on the calls to hear advice given to others, and we have other members coming prepared with lists of questions and spending all their time implementing our advice. The choice is yours to make… How bad do you want it?

Do you do any of the work for me?

Yes and no. PeakAd is primarily a done-with-you and consulting program where we show you how to implement. Although, on our calls, our team can direct you on the creative and marketing strategies, help you find ad angles, copy, website optimizations, and over-the-shoulder directives.

How much money do I need to spend on ads every month?

We recommend that beginners spend at the very least $500 monthly on ads, and ideally $1,500 ($50 daily). Keep in mind that we can offer support outside of paid advertising which won’t inquire any additional costs or investments on your end besides time.

What tools can you share with me?

On top of our comprehensive PeakAd course dripping out every month, we can share with you any agency tools to support your work and allow you to thrive on your own.
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